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2015-06-02 00:01

By Jason Ziller, Director of Thunderbolt Marketing, Intel

If you’re a business professional, content creator, gamer, or just want to simplify your 4K workspace, your world is about to get faster and simpler.

Today Intel® unveiled Thunderbolt™ 3, the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or peripheral device – including billions of USB devices.

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2015-05-22 16:05

As one of the industry’s leading digital imaging technicians (DIT), Gary Adcock is the guy to watch when it comes to integrating new technology and cutting edge filmmaking processes. With the rate of technological advancement, Adcock thinks of cameras today as simply computers with lenses in front. This transformation has had a tremendous impact on the motion picture and television industry, and is why he also thinks today is such an exciting time to be a filmmaker.

As a DIT, Adcock’s role is to handle data, whether it’s from the cameras or in post-production, and make sure that it is kept in pristine condition. Using the latest technology, he has found major competitive advantages that save both time and resources.

We caught up with Adcock to get his advice on workflow and how technology like Thunderbolt improves his business.

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2015-05-18 22:18

The biggest names in the media and entertainment industry gathered in Las Vegas last month for the annual 2015 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. After seeing the crowded halls, high energy and exclusive sessions with the biggest names in Hollywood on display, it’s very clear the future of high-end professional workflows is in good hands with Thunderbolt™ solutions.

A record crowd of more than 100,000 professionals who create, manage, and distribute entertainment and other video content roamed the exhibit hall looking for the newest trends in video production capabilities, and insights into the transformation of broadcasting. The largest attendance in NAB history comes as no surprise, since we continue to see overwhelming demand for video and content production in both traditional and new media channels.

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2015-04-29 15:14

For the broadcast industry, 4K video continues to be a strong focus, and NAB 2015 serves as a major platform for the launch of products that enable professional workflows at the highest level. Beyond higher resolutions, 4K content comes with serious implications for the professionals creating it – from the way it is viewed in production to the strategies used to handle the immense amounts of data generated. Thunderbolt™ solutions, and specifically products designed with Thunderbolt™ 2, provide a great way for users to get the most out of their 4K workflows. From powerful workstations, blazing fast storage drives, and flexible docking and display solutions, a Thunderbolt 2 solution exists for any type of 4K workflow a user wishes to build. From a display perspective, LG Electronics has been a leader in Thunderbolt displays, now shipping a line-up of five displays that include Thunderbolt 2, that have been very well-received within the industry. And at NAB 2015, LG has outdone itself yet again, by introducing the LG 31MU97Z, the first 4K display equipped with Thunderbolt 2 ports:

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