Thunderbolt™ Developer Portal


Welcome to the Thunderbolt™ peripheral developer portal, your one stop shop for becoming a Thunderbolt developer, submitting new peripheral proposals for Thunderbolt peripherals, and tracking them through the evaluation process.

This tool will help guide you to become a Thunderbolt developer and, when ready, will help guide you as you determine the best path to develop a new Thunderbolt based peripheral.

A new Peripheral Developer Welcome Package is now available that will outline the development options available, provide initial technical information to create a device proposal for technical assessment, insure expectations are set regarding the support model for development options, and summarize the required certification testing that must be passed prior to shipping Thunderbolt based products.

Process Overview

A few steps must be taken prior to beginning development of a new Thunderbolt based peripheral device.

  1. Become or Confirm you are a registered Thunderbolt Developer.

    To get things started the Thunderbolt PM will:
    • Insure the correct legal agreements are in place between Intel and the Developer
    • If not, work through the process to sign the appropriate agreements
    • Once all licenses are in place, the PM will provide a welcome package of material covering development options, support details, technical overview of reference designs and controller details
  2. Subsequently the Developer will:
    • Review development options and available resources
    • Complete development proposal outlining the path for development and a technical summary of the device being proposed
  3. To finalize Thunderbolt PM will:
    • Review and technically assess the proposal and, if applicable, provide additional technical collateral
    • If any issues are seen that would prevent moving forward with of the application, that feedback will be provided to the developer and they will be able to the issues and resubmit a revised application.

A brief flow chart is included here to summarize the Thunderbolt Peripheral development process:

Next Steps

To begin the process, please fill out the following form including your company details and the Thunderbolt PM will get the process started. If you have already started the process, please click here.

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