Zikko Thunderbolt™ 3 Cable 2M 40Gbps

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Zikko Inc.
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Operating System: 
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Bus Powered
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Thunderbolt 3

Zikko Thunderbolt™ 3 Cable
Thunderbolt 3 provides Apple fans with a connection mode featuring both excellent speed and rich functions. Thunderbolt 3 transmission rate (up to 40 Gbps) is supported. It can be connected to two 4K display screens or one 5K Thunderbolt display screen and is capable of charging a Thunderbolt 3 unit in form of up to 100 W of power. It integrates data transmission, video output and charging features into a compact USB-C interface that is much more portable and easier to use.
Passive high bandwidth cable with E-Marker function
Active high data rate cable with clock & data recovery chip inside
Supports 2-channel TBT Gen2 or TBT Gen3 full duplex high speed transmission
Supports 1-lane passive USB2 channel transmission
Dual-protocol support for TBT mode (PCI Express and DisplayPort*) and can be used for Thunderbolt daisy-chaining devices
Plug flip-able use
Thin cable design, OD=4.75mm (typ.)
Compliant with USB Power Delivery Specification Rev2.0. Maximum power delivery capacity up to 5A