Introducing Thunderbolt™ Share:
Easy, Fast, and Efficient. Do More With Two PCs

Do More With Two PCS

Thunderbolt™ Share makes it easier than ever to connect two PCs; all you need is a Thunderbolt™ port and cable.

Thunderbolt™ Share takes advantage of Thunderbolt™ 4 or Thunderbolt™ 5 high-bandwidth and low-latency for extraordinary performance.

Two PCs can be better than one. Connecting two PCs with Thunderbolt™ Share helps improve your multitasking and productivity.

Thunderbolt™ Share Benefits

  • Fast PC-to-PC access for sharing screen/monitor, keyboard, mouse, and storage
  • Sync folders or drag-and-drop files between PCs with the speed of Thunderbolt™
  • Quickly transfer data and files from an old computer to a new computer
  • Super fast connection with high bandwidth and ultra-low latency
  • Hardware based Thunderbolt™ security
  • Offered with select new Thunderbolt™ PCs and accessories, and works with all Thunderbolt™ 4 or Thunderbolt™ 5 products on Windows® OS

Download the Thunderbolt™ Share Press Deck here.

Powered by Thunderbolt™

Thunderbolt™ offers a best-in-class set of product capabilities to deliver the simplest, most reliable, and fastest cable solution available for connecting a PC to displays, your favorite accessories, PC charging and with Thunderbolt share, connecting to a second PC. Thunderbolt™ Share takes advantage of the industry leading performance of Thunderbolt™ to deliver extraordinary bandwidth and low latency for a responsive and seamless experience.

New Multi-PC Experiences

Thunderbolt™ Share unlocks ultra-fast PC-to-PC connectivity experiences that fundamentally change the way users interact with two PCs with an intuitive easy-to-use interface allowing for more productive workflows or maximizing space and performance, all with two PCs.

Screen Share Seamlessly

Thunderbolt™ Share allows users to control their other computer, harnessing the productivity of utilizing two computers at once.

Being able to control one PC from another PC is a powerful tool that allows users to share common peripherals and be more productive by making multitasking between two computers seamless.

Synchronize Files & Folders Effortlessly

Thunderbolt™ Share gives users the power to effortlessly synchronize files and folders across two PCs. Back-up your personal files, gaming libraries or improve workflows while working on large creative projects.

Upgrade Fast

Transferring data from an old computer to a new computer has never been easier than with Thunderbolt™ Share. Users can quickly migrate their files and folders from one computer to another computer far faster than using Wi-Fi or the Cloud.

Drag & Drop

Accessing files between two PCs couldn’t be more efficient. Simply drag and drop files and folders all at the speed of Thunderbolt™. Common commands are also available, such as "copy", "paste", and "cut" for files across both of their systems.

Easy Set-Up

Once you have downloaded the software, simply connect two PCs with a Thunderbolt™ cable to begin using Thunderbolt™ Share.

Flexible Configurations

Thunderbolt™ Share takes advantage of the flexible configurations offered by Thunderbolt™ technology. Easily connect two Thunderbolt™ enabled PCs directly with a Thunderbolt™ cable or with a Thunderbolt™ accessory.

  • Directly between two Thunderbolt™ enabled PCs
  • Via a Thunderbolt™ dock
  • Via a Thunderbolt™ monitor