Introducing Thunderbolt™ Share:
Easy, Fast, and Efficient. Do More With Two PCs

Thunderbolt™ Share Benefits

  • Super fast connection with high bandwidth and ultra-low latency using standard Thunderbolt™ cables
  • Fast PC-to-PC access for securely sharing screen/monitor, keyboard, mouse, and storage
  • Sync folders or drag-and-drop files between PCs with the speed of Thunderbolt™
  • Quickly transfer data and files from an old computer to a new computer
  • Hardware based security – SMB/commercial friendly
  • Offered with select new Thunderbolt-enabled PCs and accessories, and works with all Thunderbolt™ 4 or Thunderbolt™ 5 products on Windows® OS
  • Download the Thunderbolt™ Share Press Deck here.

Flexible Configurations

Thunderbolt™ Share only needs one licensed product to work. Users have the option of connecting their PC in a variety of ways that work for them and their set-up.

  • Directly between two Thunderbolt™ enabled PCs
  • Via a Thunderbolt™ dock
  • Via a Thunderbolt™ monitor

Easy Set-Up

Once you have downloaded the software, simply connect two PCs with a Thunderbolt™ cable to begin using Thunderbolt™ Share.

Screen Share Seamlessly

Thunderbolt™ Share allows users to control their other computer at low latency, harnessing the productivity of utilizing two computers at once.

Being able to control one PC from another PC is a powerful tool that allows creators, gamers, and workers to share common peripherals and be more productive by making multitasking between two computers seamless. Creators especially will benefit from the ability to experience immediate collaboration with their connected peers.

Thunderbolt™ Share's Control the Other Computer allows users to view the connected computer’s desktop and control it with their primary computer’s connected keyboard and mouse.

Users can pause sessions, select which remote monitors they would like to access, view color-depth, manipulate the size of the window, and even complete common commands like copy, paste, and more!

Synchronize Files & Folders Effortlessly

Thunderbolt™ Share gives users the power to effortlessly synchronize files and folders across their multi-PC set-up. Back-up your important work documents on your laptop before travel or ensure your favorite music is available from anywhere you work.

Upgrade Fast

Transferring data from an old computer to a new computer has never been easier than with Thunderbolt™ Share. Users are able to quickly and efficiently migrate their files and folders in one direction (usually an older computer to a new computer), completing the set-up of their new system.

Drag & Drop

Thunderbolt™ Share offers an easy to use user-interface for utilizing Thunderbolt™ technology's low latency high speed data transmission through dragging and dropping files. Common commands are also available, such as "copy", "paste", and "cut" for files across both of their systems.