Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C to dual 4K DisplayPort Adapter

  • Category: Adapter/Expansion, Audio/Video
Winstars Technology Ltd.
Operating System: 
Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Bus Powered
Number of Thunderbolt Ports: 
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 3

Product Features
Plug-and-play Thunderbolt™ 3 to dual DisplayPort adapter works with both Mac and Windows
Two DisplayPort monitors up to 4K 4096x2160@60Hz or a single 5K 5120x2880@60Hz display, nearly 16 million more pixels than an HDTV
Two video streams up to x8 lanes DP 1.4

Thunderbolt™ 3 to dual DisplayPort adapter enables you to achieve the previously impossible feat of using a single Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C port on your laptop to output dual 4K resolution at 60Hz to two independent displays. Won't drain system resources, you can work more efficiently from your laptop, so you can accomplish more in the same amount of time. Also you can have four times the screen space compared to 1080p.

Input port: 1 x Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C 24-pin) male connector
Output port: 2 x DisplayPort female connector
Resolutions: 2 x 4096x2160@60Hz Maximum or
1 x 5120x2880@60Hz (requires use of both DP ports)
Weight: 3.1 ounce / 88 gram
Dimension: 4 x 2.1 x 0.7 inch / 102 x 54 x1 8.5 mm (LWH)
Ext. cable: 19.7 inch / 500 mm (L)