OWC ThunderBay 4 mini

  • Category: Audio/Video, Storage
Other World Computing, Inc.
Operating System: 
Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Self Powered
Number of Thunderbolt Ports: 
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 2
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 3

Featuring four bays for 2.5-inch drives, the ThunderBay 4 mini is available in pre-configured solutions up to 16.0TB, while the 0GB enclosure is ready out of the box for users to repurpose or maximize their choice of 2.5” SSDs and/or HDDs. Mixed drives can be used independently or combined as a RAID with the included powerful, yet accessible SoftRAID setup and management software. For creative pros or IT managers and remote/home office professionals seeking big RAID performance that's small enough to fit on a desk, in a rack, or on a DIT cart, your wish is now a reality. The ThunderBay 4 mini transforms SSDs and HDDs into the perfect storage solution to use as is or adapt as needed to breeze through workflows and backups all the way up to today’s highest resolution audio, photo and video formats.

Epic Pro-Class RAID Performance and Reliability in a Super Compact Design
The ThunderBay 4 mini is big on performance and flexibility, yet it’s about the length of a pencil and weighs only 3.1 pounds with SSDs installed. The rugged heat-dissipating aluminum enclosure is available in two models: Thunderbolt 3 with two ports (Thunderbolt 2/Thunderbolt backward compatible) for up to 1556MB/s of real-world tested performance or Thunderbolt 2 with two ports (Thunderbolt backward compatible) for up to 1346MB/s speeds.

Go Big, Do More, Go Faster
The ThunderBay 4 mini allows users to daisy-chain up to five additional ThunderBay 4 mini solutions to create massive storage capacities. Merge them with SoftRAID for even more flexibility, capacity, and capability. If maximum transfer speed is the goal, connect multiple ThunderBay 4 mini solutions to multiple Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 2 ports on a Mac or PC for exponential speed. Beyond storage, users can attach a 5K Thunderbolt display or two 4K displays to the ThunderBay 4 mini and enjoy the flexibility to expand their daisy-chain to meet any task at-hand.