MagStor Thunderbolt-3 5A 100W (40Gbps) Active Cable 2M, 6.6ft (White)

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Bus Powered
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Thunderbolt 3

MagStor (Intel Certified) Thunderbolt 3 5A 100W (40Gbps) Active Cable 2M, 6.6ft (White)

Do not get caught with a substitute. Passive cables over 1 meter operate at lower speeds and do not provide power to your devices. An active cable means you get 100W (5A) of power, and the full 40 Gb/s (5000 MB/s) transfer rate. 2 Meters is the Thunderbolt 3 standard's maximum length.

Trusted by Pro's & More
MagStor Thunderbolt 3 cables are Intel & Apple certified, made with only the highest quality components. When your crucial work depends on speed, MagStor has you covered.

USB-C, Upgraded
A match made in heaven; Thunderbolt 3 cables double as USB cables with a C Connection and are capable of providing up to 4 lanes of PCI-Express enabling Thunderbolt 3 Devices to operate at peak performance.