LT-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 LSlot Interface for Lynx Hilo and Aurora(n) Converters

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Lynx Studio Technology
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Operating System: 
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Self Powered
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Thunderbolt 3

Continuing in the tradition of non-obsolescence design, Lynx adds the LT-TB3 Thunderbolt 3 LSlot card. The LT-TB3 is a new LSlot card that brings Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and performance to the Aurora(n) and Hilo converter/interfaces. It is a two-port Thunderbolt 3 expansion card that supports daisy-chaining Aurora(n) and Hilo converters and any other certified Thunderbolt device on both Apple and Windows computers.

The LT-TB3 LSlot card can be installed into any existing Hilo or Aurora(n). In addition, Lynx is making Thunderbolt 3 equipped Aurora(n) and Hilo models available at the same time.

The LT-TB3, based on Intel’s Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 controller, is the successor to the widely popular Lynx LT-TB Thunderbolt card which debuted in 2013. Much of the code base from its Mac and Windows drivers has been migrated to the LT-TB3 resulting in a mature and thoroughly tested driver set.

Whereas some earlier Thunderbolt audio products are limited to two units and 32 analog channels, the LT-TB3 can be used in a chain of up to 6 Aurora(n) converters for up to 192 channels on one Thunderbolt port with plenty of bandwidth to spare

• Certified for Mac and Windows
• Available for Aurora(n) and Hilo
• Provides 32 channels of digital audio I/O at all sample rates
• Allows remote control of all mixing, routing and system functions from host computer
• Supports connection of up to 6 other Thunderbolt devices and a display
• Compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 devices (with adapter)
• Supports up to 40Gbs data speed