iodyne Pro Data

  • Category: Storage
Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Self Powered
Number of Thunderbolt Ports: 
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 3

iodyne Pro Data is the first all-NVMe all-SSD Thunderbolt RAID device that combines 12 NVMe SSDs and 8 Thunderbolt ports in a single elegant form factor. Pro Data allows Pros to get their work done faster, rethink workflows and setups, and simplify how they protect their most important assets.

Pro Data is incredibly powerful, with breakthrough Thunderbolt storage performance up to 5 GB/s. It’s the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs, and the fastest Thunderbolt storage available for any computer. For the first time, multiple Thunderbolt connections can be combined transparently to boost performance, using iodyne’s breakthrough Thunderbolt NVMe Multipathing design. And creative assets are seamlessly protected at all times, using transactional RAID-6, checksums, and encryption worthy of the most powerful enterprise storage devices.

Pro Data has incredible capacity, with storage capacities of 12TB and 24TB. It’s up to 3x the storage capacity of the largest built-in SSDs available in computers today. With the flexibility of Thunderbolt daisy-chaining and iodyne’s four independent Thunderbolt port pairs, many Pro Data devices can be connected to a single computer, for almost infinite expansion. Media professionals working with huge image files, 4K and 6K video resolutions, multi-hour music scores, vast photographic collections, and vast software projects, can store all the assets for the most complex projects on Pro Data. And Pro Data is compatible with existing filesystems and applications.

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