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Operating System: 
Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Self Powered
Number of Thunderbolt Ports: 
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 3

One connection
Thunderbolt™ 3 provides connectivity with highest data transfer and versatility. It has twice the bandwidth
of Thunderbolt™ 2 and combines data transmission, video output and power supply in a single, compact
port. By integrating Type-C™, the fast Thunderbolt™ 3 port has become even more practical since it can be
connected in any orientation, making it a truly universal port.

Not only talented
Perfectly combines high-quality appearance and efficient technology with a very compact size. The premium
aluminium DockingStation does not only look good but also offers high comfort while using. This solution is
suited for any location such as private or office areas.

Easy connection - multiple benefits
With just one Thunderbolt™ 3 Type-C ™ connector your notebook gains ten additional ports: Thunderbolt™
3, 5x USB 3.0, Gigabit LAN, HDMI®, SD 3.0 (UHS-I), as well as headphone and microphone ports. This
makes the docking station a real all-purpose talent. No driver installation required, just Plug & Play, and
you get brilliant 4k resolution via HDMI® and lightning-fast online access, and the included power supply
provides enough power for the connected USB devices and the host computer.