ARTMU Thunderbolt™ 4 Cable 2m 40Gbps T44020

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Operating System: 
Self or Bus Powered: 
Bus Powered
Thunderbolt Version: 
Thunderbolt 4

Intel Certified ARTMU Thunderbolt 4 cable supports the latest Thunderbolt 4 features and performance with unmatched simplicity and reliability Enjoy reliable 40Gbps data transfer on all Thunderbolt 4 devices Power and charge devices with Power Delivery 3.0 100W charging support

The ARTMU Thunderbolt 4 cable features the newest Thunderbolt cable and USB 4 cable standards in one product Take advantage of the new Thunderbolt 4 40Gbps connector with this all-in-one Thunderbolt 4 cable and USB4 cable with support for both cable standards

Backward compatible Thunderbolt 4 cable features full backward compatibility with Thunderbolt 3 cable standards and Thunderbolt 3 devices and hosts Replace your Thunderbolt cable with a new one that fully supports the latest features to future proof your setup

Thunderbolt 4 cable features enough bandwidth to drive one 8K display or two 4K displays Connect the latest high-definition monitors and TVs for vibrant, crystal-clear 8K video and authentic high-quality audio

Future-proofed Thunderbolt 4 cable also functions as a USB4 cable, with support for the latest USB4 standard; Connect USB4 devices and transfer up to 40Gbps of data depending on host and device USB4 support USB-C cable is also fully backward compatible with USB-C 3.2, 3.1, and 2.0 speeds and devices, and supports USB-C features such as DisplayPort Alt Mode and USB Power Delivery