“The new capabilities and minimum requirements of Thunderbolt 4 will provide great experiences and increased productivity that our IT customers and end users require”

— Jerry Paradise, vice president, Commercial Portfolio, Lenovo PC & Smart Devices

“We expect Thunderbolt 4 products to be an inflection point for accessory makers who depend on PCs and Macs to offer an industry-leading set of product capabilities for a consistent user experience. The advancements in Thunderbolt 4 will help Kensington redefine the modern workspace of the future”

— Ben Thacker, vice president and general manager at Kensington

“Thunderbolt provides consumers with a leading connectivity standard across a range of devices, helping to advance computing experiences and delivering on the promise of USB-C with simplicity, performance and reliability. The arrival of Thunderbolt 4 underscores how Intel is advancing the PC ecosystem toward truly universal connectivity solutions.”

— Jason Ziller, Intel general manager of the Client Connectivity Division

"There’s just no reason to use anything else if Thunderbolt 3 is an option. It’s fast, it supports charging, and it’s easy to use. What more could you want?"

— Matthew S. Smith, Digital Trends

"There’s plenty to like about the idea of Thunderbolt everywhere."

— Jeff Kampman, Tech Report

"There's a bunch of technology that systems need to start including. [...] Thunderbolt 3 is non-negotiable."

— Peter Bright, Ars technica

“Thunderbolt 3 has finally achieved in its vision of one cable to rule them all.”

— Gordon Mah Ung, PC World

“USB and Thunderbolt are the last mainstream connections devices will need to the outside world, according to ABI Research”

— Simon Sharwood, The Register

“Amazing! - 4K screen, 3D camera, Thunderbolt 3 port all packed into an Acer Switch 12S tablet”

— PC World; Jan 4, 2016

“The port on the Dell XP3 13 with the little lightning bolt, it’s the port of the future”

— Ars technica; Jan 20, 2016

“Here’s the box that can turn a puny laptop into a graphical powerhouse”

— – Gizmodo; Aug 18, 2015

“The future is looking even better for one big reason: Thunderbolt 3”

— PC World; Sep 18, 2015

“Intel unveils 4K ‘nirvana’ with Thunderbolt 3 USB-C connector”

— TechWeek; Jun 2, 2015

“One port to rule them all: Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C join forces”

— CNET; Jun 2, 2015