A World with Thunderbolt™ 3 Everywhere

Posted on July 28th, 2017

Making summer 2017 even more enjoyable, the Thunderbolt™ 3 ecosystem continues to grow significantly with many new Hosts and Devices being announced. Thunderbolt 3 also received good press coverage in the first half of the year, including our plans to integrate Thunderbolt 3 into future Intel CPUs and to provide the protocol specification to the industry. Additionally Microsoft announced enhanced support for Thunderbolt 3 device plug-and-play and Apple announced future support for external graphics.

  • Intel announced plans to integrate Thunderbolt 3 into future Intel CPUs and to release the Thunderbolt protocol specification to the industry
  • Microsoft introduced enhanced Thunderbolt 3 device plug-and-play support in Windows 10 Creators Update At WWDC,
  • Apple announced support for external graphics cards in a future OS release

Looking forward, I see a wide spectrum of innovation around Thunderbolt 3, which will accelerate a broad range of new devices and user experiences. This will further Thunderbolt’s success in delivering the fastest, most versatile connection to any dock, display, or data device, including billions of USB devices. On top of these advances, we saw continued Thunderbolt 3 product momentum with many new product announcements and news coverage.

Recent Product Announcements

Recent News Coverage

With all of these developments, I am looking forward to a very exciting second half 2017.


Jason Ziller

General Manager, Client Connectivity Division

Intel Corporation

Thunderbolt Sunrise