Developer Insights for Thunderbolt 3 Architecture

Posted on October 14th, 2015

With more than 30 PC designs with ThunderboltTM 3 anticipated in the coming year, now is the time for developers to get up to speed with this innovative technology. Thunderbolt 3 has been hailed by CNET as the “one port to rule them all.” But how will that impact developer needs? How will it improve the computing interface for media consumption and transfer speeds?

At IDF 15, our team presented an overview of Thunderbolt 3 to help developers understand how this new technology will revolutionize their work and create a more dynamic experience for users.

Watch the following presentation and follow along with the slideshow to learn about:

  • An architectural review of Thunderbolt 3 technology – running at 40Gbps with USB3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 all behind a USB-C connector
  • The new architecture enabling single-cable docking supporting two 4K displays, high performance data devices and system charging up to 100W
  • A comparison of Thunderbolt 3 technology to other solutions
  • What questions about Thunderbolt 3 would you pose to our presenters?

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