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Self Powered
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Thunderbolt 3

The GIGABYTE X299 UD4 EX is GIGABYTE X299 motherboard to be certified to support Thunderbolt™ 3 (GC-ALPINE RIDGE AIC bounded). Powered by Intel’s own Thunderbolt 3 controller, the new Thunderbolt 3 protocol is available over a USB Type-C™ connector via the GC-ALPINE RIDGE AIC. Bringing an unprecedented single-wire bandwidth of up to 40 Gb/s -- twice more than the previous generation!
Support for Thunderbolt™ 3 on the GIGABYTE X299 UD4 EX motherboard opens up a world of possibilities for enthusiasts or professionals using the X299 chipset.

One of the main advantages of Thunderbolt™ 3 is its ability to carry a video signal, but as X299 platforms don’t have a GPU integrated in the CPU. In order to solve this conundrum, GIGABYTE designed the X299 UD4 EX bounded with GC-ALPINE RIDGE AIC which offers an easy way to upgrade GIGABYTE Thunderbolt™ motherboards with the new and faster Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity without having to upgrade to a whole new system.

GC-ALPINE RIDGE AIC card with dual Thunderbolt™ 3 ports offers:
• Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 Ports
• 40 Gb/s Bi-directional Bandwidth
• DisplayPort 1.2 Capable with 4K Video Throughout
• Daisy-chain up to 12 Devices (6 devices per port)