Thunderbolt 4 Passive Cable

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Lintes Technology Co., Ltd.
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Operating System: 
Operating System: 
Chrome OS
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Bus Powered
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Thunderbolt 4

New Thunderbolt 4 Passive Cable provides a robust solution designed to meet the performance, power delivery, and quality required of certified Thunderbolt. Fully interoperable with Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 3 PCs and Devices, Lintes new Thunderbolt cable provides 40Gbs of bandwidth for the most data and video all while charging your laptop or powering your device.

 Length: 0.5-meter / 0.7-meter / 0.8-meter / 1.0-meter
 Connector: LOTES Type-C connector or compatible
 Color: Black
 Supports 2-CH TBT Gen4 or TBT Gen3 full duplex high speed transmission.
 Supports 1-CH USB3.2 Gen1 or Gen2 or supports 2- CH USB3.2 Gen2 full duplex high speed transmission.
 Supports USB4 Gen2/Gen3 full duplex high speed transmission.
 Supports 1-CH USB2.0 half duplex transmission.
 Support DP1.4, 4-lane DisplayPort video signal transmission, DP alternate mode.
 Dual-protocol support for TBT mode (PCI Express and DisplayPort) and can be used for daisy-chaining devices.
 Triple -protocol support for USB4 mode (USB, PCI Express and DisplayPort*) and can be used for USB4 daisy-chaining devices.
 Plug flip-able use
 Thin cable design, OD=4.8mm
 Compliant with USB Power Delivery Specification Rev3.0. Maximum power delivery capacity up to 5A